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Exercise and Cognition: Exploring the Relation between Mind and Body

For decades, philosophers and researchers have always maintained that there is a strong link between physical activity and the human mind. From curing emotions like depression to improving the overall cognitive power and memory; research has indicated that the effects of exercise are many. In fact, many elderly people resort to exercise as a solution […]

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Era of Personalized Medicine from Genomic Sequencing Comes Closer to Reality

Ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates once famously said that “It’s far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.” This very notion has been the basis and goal of developing a more tailored or customized approach towards treating various ailments. The concept of personalization of treatment, popularly known as […]

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New Age Power Dressing: Balancing Fashion and Work Culture

Thinking of brown, beige and neutral shades for your office “power-look” this season? Well, think again as monochromatic shades are completely out and soft pastel hues with feminine tailoring is the new definition of power-fashion this season. For decades, female executives have resorted to the monochromatic conservative look for their office environs. Business suits, double-breasted […]

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China Luxury Consumers Shifts from Logo Products towards Absolute Luxury Products

Chinese consumer’s obsession with mega luxury products have been known for quite some time. From Gucci to LVMH products and Cartier exclusive designs, the Chinese have never refrained from exhibiting their love for high-end luxury products. In fact, in the last three years, China’s affluent buyers have been the main targets and driving force of […]

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How Technology has changed the Landscape of Art and Creativity?

When we talk about art and creativity, often creations by names like Raphael Sanzio, Caravaggio and Oscar Claude Monet flash into our minds. Whether we reflect on Monet’s vivid “Water Lillies” oil painting series or the iconic Edvard Munch’s pastel-on-board “The Scream”, art, for most of us, represents the different unique stories delivered by the […]

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Street Fashion: Chronicling Haute Couture Associated with Popular Youth Culture

When we discuss about fashion trends, popular sartorial choices and haute couture, we almost always consider these terms to be synonymous with the latest runway collections, celebrity and studio-based fashion images. For most of us, fashion is all about the “Big 4” fashion weeks, limited-edition collections and red carpet appearances. However, there is yet another […]

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The Raising Need for Women Self Examination and Health Care

The popular saying that “Ignorance is Bliss” may not always apply to every aspect of life specially when discussed in relation to health care and the need for self examination in women. Health practitioners across the globe always emphasize on the importance of routine health examinations in women at regular intervals to negate the possibilities […]

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Luxury Pilgrimage: Where Religious Tourism and Exotic Travel Collides

Upscale or exotic travel has entered a whole new dimension with the introduction of the luxury pilgrimage concept. The term “religious tourism” no longer implies days of travel over long, unforgiving landscape. While pilgrims earlier used to seek divine blessings by waiting for long hours to perform different rituals, the upscale traveler now seek a […]

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anti aging

Best Anti Aging Foods – Anti Aging Diet Tips

Many of us often wish to turn back the clock, stop our aging process and remain young and beautiful forever. This is because with increasing age, our skin tends to lose some of its elasticity due to the daily wear and tear of life. To counteract this, we often splurge in costly anti-aging creams and […]

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halloween 1

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids – Ideas for Halloween Kids Party

Halloweens here and kids of all age groups are extremely excited to take part in all the festive celebrations. From dressing up in special Halloween costumes to taking part in the customary trick-or-treating, it is all about fun, fun and more fun for kids during the festival. This is also the time of the year […]

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