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Category Archives: Health

Exercise and Cognition: Exploring the Relation between Mind and Body

For decades, philosophers and researchers have always maintained that there is a strong link between physical activity and the human mind. From curing emotions like depression to improving the overall cognitive power and memory; research has indicated that the effects of exercise are many. In fact, many elderly people resort to exercise as a solution […]

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Era of Personalized Medicine from Genomic Sequencing Comes Closer to Reality

Ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates once famously said that “It’s far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.” This very notion has been the basis and goal of developing a more tailored or customized approach towards treating various ailments. The concept of personalization of treatment, popularly known as […]

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The Raising Need for Women Self Examination and Health Care

The popular saying that “Ignorance is Bliss” may not always apply to every aspect of life specially when discussed in relation to health care and the need for self examination in women. Health practitioners across the globe always emphasize on the importance of routine health examinations in women at regular intervals to negate the possibilities […]

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anti aging

Best Anti Aging Foods – Anti Aging Diet Tips

Many of us often wish to turn back the clock, stop our aging process and remain young and beautiful forever. This is because with increasing age, our skin tends to lose some of its elasticity due to the daily wear and tear of life. To counteract this, we often splurge in costly anti-aging creams and […]

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How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast – Easy Ways to Cure a Hangover

Had a great party last night and unable to get rid of that irritating nausea sensation and throbbing headache? This is nothing but the after effects of consuming too much alcoholic beverages known as a hangover. Depending on a person’s tolerance levels, hangover symptoms can last for even days if proper care is not taken […]

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How to Remove Corns from Feet Naturally at Home

Corns are nothing but protective responses of your skin due to either pressure or friction over your toes or feet. Corns are usually the result of poorly fitting shoes or uncomfortable footwear worn over a long period of time leading to increased pressure on a particular area of your feet. The result is thickened skin […]

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Legs of a young man running

Myth Buster: Top 10 Fitness Myths Debunked!

It’s true that with so many new fitness fads and trends doing the rounds, you may often find it confusing which ones to believe and which to ignore. At times, in our search to find the perfect fitness regime, separating facts from fiction becomes a difficult task. While some of these myths are quite harmless, […]

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breast cancer

Breast Cancer and Diet: Foods that Fight Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Prevention Foods

It is a known fact that diet and nutrient rich foods play an important part in preventing ailments and leading a healthy life. But what exactly is the role of nutrition and healthy diet in preventing breast cancer? According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, it is not possible to prevent cancer with a […]

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Food for Thought: Top Super-foods to Improve your Memory Power

Do you feel that you need to focus extra to remember certain facts at your work or to complete a particular task?  Or do you frequently forget where you have kept your car keys or your pen? Don’t worry as you probably need certain super-foods in your diet to boost your memory by generating new […]

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Top Health Benefits of Drinking Beer – Beer Health Benefits, Beer for Health Benefits

Beer aficionados have always wondered whether consumption of beer is good or bad for their health. True, for decades, alcohol consumption has been considered detrimental for health and has been associated with a number of health issues like liver cirrhosis, hypertension, cancers of the upper gastrointestinal tract and so on. However, recent studies have indicated […]

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