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Category Archives: Fashion & Beauty

New Age Power Dressing: Balancing Fashion and Work Culture

Thinking of brown, beige and neutral shades for your office “power-look” this season? Well, think again as monochromatic shades are completely out and soft pastel hues with feminine tailoring is the new definition of power-fashion this season. For decades, female executives have resorted to the monochromatic conservative look for their office environs. Business suits, double-breasted […]

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Street Fashion: Chronicling Haute Couture Associated with Popular Youth Culture

When we discuss about fashion trends, popular sartorial choices and haute couture, we almost always consider these terms to be synonymous with the latest runway collections, celebrity and studio-based fashion images. For most of us, fashion is all about the “Big 4” fashion weeks, limited-edition collections and red carpet appearances. However, there is yet another […]

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How to Grow Fingernails Longer and Faster

Longer and stronger fingernails are desired by many people as perfectly manicured nails are considered as an important sign of beauty and vitality.  For some, maintaining longer fingernails doesn’t require much effort. However, it is not always genetics that can help you to grow your nails longer faster. There are certain procedures that you can follow to […]

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How to Make Your Facial Hair Grow Faster – Tips to Make Facial Hair Thicker

For decades, facial hair in men has been associated with virility, power and masculinity. In fact, growing facial hair and beards have been a cultural norm in many religious beliefs like among the Jewish, Muslims and Sikhs. Moreover, many women find the rugged, bearded look in men more attractive than the clean-shaven Au-natural look. From stubble to full-grown […]

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hair treat

Best Home Remedies for Dry Hair – Dry Hair Treatments, Hair Treatment for Dry Hair

Dry hair with brittle ends can be an absolute nightmare to live with as it makes the hair look dull and lifeless. Dryness can occur due to different factors from extreme weather conditions to use of harsh shampoos, curling irons, perming techniques and so on.   In addition to such external factors, dry hair can also […]

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Anna Dello Russo for H&M Flamboyant Accessory Collection Arrives (Complete Look)

The much anticipated Anna Dello Russo exclusive accessory collection for Swedish retail brand H&M goes on sale worldwide today (October 4, 2012) in over 140 stores worldwide as well as online on the brand’s official website. Featuring a range of jewelry designs, bags, sunglasses and a trolley; the special AdR collection for H&M offers customers […]

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hair fall

Necessary Vitamins for Hair – Vitamins to Prevent Hair Fall, Best Supplements for Hair

With increasing competition levels in almost every sector today, life has become so busy and stressful that people are largely failing to focus on their health. As a result, more and more people all over the world are helplessly falling prey to different diseases and ailments. The most common problem that people complain of today […]

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Lana Del Rey Celebrated H&M Fall Fashion with Private ‘Blue Velvet’ Performance (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

Indie pop singer, Lana Del Rey celebrated the start of H&M Fall fashion and a new ad campaign with an exclusive performance at  The Wooly lounge based within the exclusive Woolworth Building in Manhattan, New York. Intricately decked with retro wallpaper, vintage lamps and exclusive brass chandeliers; the lounge offered an “alluring mystique” ambiance which was well-suited for […]

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How to Apply Eyeliners – Eyeliner Application Tips, Best Eyeliner Application Techniques

Eyeliners are the best way to accentuate one’s beauty provided they know exactly how to apply it to give the required effect. Whether for an everyday look or a sleek party look, eyeliners are the best ways to highlight the eyes and are, in fact, one of the most important parts of an eye makeup. […]

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hair treat

How to Stop Hair Loss – Hair Loss Treatments, Cure for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a serious life-changing event for both men and women of all age groups as it can strongly affect a person’s overall confidence. Apart from the many physiological effects, this psychological component of hair loss can even leave a person stigmatized at times as they feel the need to camouflage their thinning […]

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