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Category Archives: Travel

Luxury Pilgrimage: Where Religious Tourism and Exotic Travel Collides

Upscale or exotic travel has entered a whole new dimension with the introduction of the luxury pilgrimage concept. The term “religious tourism” no longer implies days of travel over long, unforgiving landscape. While pilgrims earlier used to seek divine blessings by waiting for long hours to perform different rituals, the upscale traveler now seek a […]

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Places to Visit in India – Best Tourist Destinations in India, Famous Tourist Attractions in India

India is a beautiful country that attracts millions of tourists every year. The country, with its 5000 years above old civilization, rich culture, breathtaking natural beauties, complex architectures, population of over 1.2 billion and with the highest number of languages spoken fascinates people from far and wide. The country has got almost everything to attract […]

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goa beaches

Goa Beaches – Most Popular Beaches of Goa, Famous Goa Beaches in India

Goa is the most popular state in India in terms of tourism as the region witnesses a large influx of tourists, both international and domestic every year. Until 1962, Goa was a Portuguese colony and was under the rule of the Portuguese for over 450 years. One can therefore feel significant Latin influence in the […]

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south india

Places to Visit in South India – Top Tourist Destinations in South India, South India Tourist Spots

India, known for its rich culture and heritage is believed to have come into existence nearly 5000 years back where the religion of Hinduism flourished as the biggest aspect. The country is divided into 5 different regions- East India, North East India, South India and West India. Every region has its own distinct identity ranging […]

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With Frommer Purchase, Google Transforms from Platform to Content Media Business

For years, search engine giant Google Inc. has always claimed that it is solely a network or platform business and is not involved in the creation of web content. The company has always insisted that it is a friend and not an enemy of other media companies and only aims to direct people to relevant […]

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How to Read a Map – Basic Tips for Reading a Map

One of the most common problems faced by people while travelling to unknown places is losing one’s direction and getting lost. You must have had a few incidents yourself when you got confused with similar looking roads and many times landed at the wrong place due to lack of knowledge about the direction of the […]

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Man_on Fire

Submerged Human Figures Becomes World’s Most Popular Underwater Attraction [PHOTOS]

Mysterious, attractive and ephemeral; over 400 submerged life-size statues created by Mexico-based English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, off the coast of Cancún has become the hotspot for tourists and vacation divers from across the world. Every year, close to 750,000 visitors travel to the Cancun Marine Park, situated close to the coast of Isla Mujeres […]

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World’s Most Ambiguous (and Misleading) Airport Names Revealed

Many times, misleading airport names have confused travelers seeking to fly to a particular destination as they are often miles away from the areas where they claim to serve. As for instance, many people might be confused with the name Paris-Vatry Disney thinking that the flight serves somewhere in the vicinity of the capital of […]

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