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Different Types of Swimming Styles – Different Swimming Strokes, Swimming Techniques

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that workout every single muscle of the body. Although any style of swimming works equally on all the muscles of the body; the muscle involved actively in a particular swimming style tends to exert more as compared to the other muscles. To become a perfect swimmer and get all the benefits of swimming, one should learn all the swimming techniques and strokes since different swimming strokes will put your body in different positions and place different demands on the various muscles. This eventually will strengthen your muscles and will make you a good swimmer. Apart from this, knowing different forms of swimming has got many advantages like swimmers in long time swimming can avoid fatigue by just allowing their body to rest in certain positions. In case of competitive swimmers, knowing different swimming techniques allows them to take part in more than one event. So, do not ignore any swimming techniques and read on to find out the different swimming strokes and swimming techniques.

Different Swimming Strokes:

Forward Crawl or Front Crawl: This style of swimming is regarded as the fastest swimming technique as it provides the swimmer with the most speed and is universally used in freestyle swimming competitions. In forward crawl or front crawl, the swimmer strongly kicks their feet, while alternatively bring their arms over their head and then into the water, while timing the breathing along with the strokes.

Back Stroke: Here the swimmer floats on their back and the body remains horizontal. The swimmer pulls the water beneath them with arms. The arms alternate so that always one arm is underwater while the other arm is recovering and the leg alternatively kicking upward and downward thereby propelling the body forward. This style of swimming has got advantage of easy breathing and disadvantage of not having clear vision about where they need to head on.

Butterfly Stroke: This style of swimming is regarded as the second fastest swimming technique after forward crawl or front crawl. This is also the toughest of all the swimming styles and requires strong muscles along with good technique to perform. Here the swimmer swims on his or her breast where both the arms move simultaneously and the legs remains straight together as you kick them in butterfly style kick (also known as dolphin kick).

Breast Stroke: This the slowest of all the swimming styles and most entertaining stroke to watch. This is because of its ability to keep the head out of water in major portion of time. It is the favorite style of rescuer in drowning rescue operation, as the particular style of swimming allows the rescuer to approach the victim without losing sight of them. In breast stroke kind of swimming, the swimmer’s arm at start will sweep out from the breast and then sweep in back to the breast. This pattern is accompanied by frog-style kicking of the legs.

Side Stroke: This kind of swimming is not included in any competitive swimming events, but still has a great value. This swimming style is very effective once getting hold on the drowning victim, as it requires only one arm that acts like an oar and a leg to perform. Here the swimmer lies on one’s side with asymmetric arm and leg motion with a leg performing scissor kick kind of movement. The style of swimming requires less energy and is mostly used in long distance swimming.

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