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How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast – Easy Ways to Cure a Hangover

Had a great party last night and unable to get rid of that irritating nausea sensation and throbbing headache? This is nothing but the after effects of consuming too much alcoholic beverages known as a hangover. Depending on a person’s tolerance levels, hangover symptoms can last for even days if proper care is not taken leaving the person feeling miserable. To overcome all these and promote a quicker recovery, it is essential to follow certain vital guidelines. However, at the same time, it is vital to steer clear of any form of quackery or unproved medicinal remedies. Follow the below mentioned steps and find out the best way to get rid of a brutal hangover.

Easy Ways to Cure a Hangover

  1. Get plenty of sleep and allow your body to recover fully from the after-effects of consuming too much alcohol. This also will assist to regain normal body functions.
  2. Heavy intake of alcoholic beverages also leads to severe dehydration due to the presence of ethanol in the drinks. This leads to increased urine production and depleted fluid levels in the brain thereby causing headache and dry mouth. So, replenish your body fluids by drinking as much water and fresh fruit juice as possible. Moreover, also try to half as much water while drinking so as to reduce the intensity of the after-effects.
  3. A traditional technique often used to cure a hangover is by having plenty of lemon juice. This technique provides instant relief as it helps to assimilate the alcohol in the body. However, do not add sugar to the drink. You can also add lemon drops to a cup of black tea to detoxify the body of the unwanted substances.
  4. A hot water bath or a warm shower is another great way to counteract the effects of too much alcohol in the body. This will help to release the unwanted body toxins by opening the pores on the skin.
  5. Remember not to stuff yourself with heavy, oily foods during a hangover. This may increase your nausea sensation and may do you more harm than benefit. So, instead, opt for light foods like fresh fruits, steamed rice, tomato juice and cereals. Eating will help to fasten your metabolism process and replenish the reduced nutrients in your body.
  6. Avoid any form of caffeine products like coffee as this will worsen the hangover by causing further dehydration.
  7. You can also reduce the effects of a hangover by eating something prior to drinking. Moreover, ensure that you stick to only one form of alcoholic beverage at a time and do not indulge more in cocktails.
  8. A major myth associated with curing a hangover is that one should indulge in a “hangover cure cocktail”. This is completely false as having a morning cocktail will never help to remove the hangover but will only delay the situation.
  9. You can also go for a brisk walk in the open or opt for light meditative techniques to help cure the pounding headache, nausea and dizziness associated with the hangover.

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