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How to Make Your Facial Hair Grow Faster – Tips to Make Facial Hair Thicker

For decades, facial hair in men has been associated with virility, power and masculinity. In fact, growing facial hair and beards have been a cultural norm in many religious beliefs like among the Jewish, Muslims and Sikhs. Moreover, many women find the rugged, bearded look in men more attractive than the clean-shaven Au-natural look. From stubble to full-grown beards, most men experiment with varying types of facial hair in accordance with their facial contours. However, the growth rate of facial hair is not the same in all men. For some people, the growth is much faster and thicker as compared to some others. This growth rate largely depends on the genetics and the levels of testosterone in men. Although genetics play a major role in stimulating your hair growth, there are still some techniques using which you can hasten the process especially if you have insufficient growth. Read on:

Tips to Make Facial Hair Thicker

Supplements: Just like enhancing your hair growth, stimulating facial hair growth also requires the use of certain dietary supplements especially vitamins and minerals. Ensure that you have a regular dose of Biotin, Vitamin E and Vitamin C to promote your hair growth. However, check with your physician about the dosage before starting with the different supplements.

Balanced Diet: Always remember that no amount of supplements can facilitate your hair growth unless you incorporate a balanced diet plan in your life. The rule is simple and that is to incorporate plenty of proteins in the form of soy milk, eggs, cheese, fish and pulses in your daily diet. Many times, insufficient hair growth or loss of hair is due to decreased nutrition levels in people and you can overcome this only by adding the required nutrient rich food products in your diet. Protein ingestion is vital as hair is mainly composed of a protein component called keratin.

Regular Shaving: An age-old technique used by most people to facilitate facial hair growth is regular shaving. This also helps to make the hair growth thicker and faster.

Testosterone Boosters: Many people also opt for testosterone booster injections to promote the growth of their facial hair. However, it is vital to consult your physician or dermatologist before selecting such hair inducing processes.

Reduce Stress Levels: Stress plays a major role in reducing the hair growth including facial hair in people. Hence, take adequate steps to limit your stress levels like practicing deep breathing techniques, yoga and other stress reducing techniques. Apart from this, it is also believed that by indulging in exercises like weight lifting, a person’s testosterone level is increased. High testosterone levels, in turn, boost hair growth in men.

Avoid Smoking: Another important technique to facilitate facial hair growth is to avoid smoking. This is because smoking reduces the blood flow and this, in turn, reduces facial growth in men.

Avoid Minoxidil: While some people opt for this drug to promote their hair growth, it is not advisable to do so as the drug is not FDA approved for this purpose. Minoxidil is mainly approved to enhance hair growth on the scalp and so, it is not advisable to be used for facial hair growth.

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